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The Sugar Arts Institute is proud to announce that AMERICAN CAKE DECORATING has gone digital!  For those of you who love your Kindles and like to read electronically, then ACD is offering this new service especially for you. 

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It is absolutely essential that as a business owner, you track your finances and operation costs.  Do not avoid the mathematics.  Keep them up to date!  You cannot determine if your business is successful unless you are fully aware of all the costs and revenues.  It is not...

white wedding cake by Julie Bashore

When rolling out fondant do so on a silicone mat. Lightly grease the mat and roll the fondant to 1/8” 3 cm. it is not recommended to use cornstarch/cornflower or powdered sugar/icing sugar. This makes the fondant too dry causing rips and tears or an elephant skin appearance.


Wedding Cake cut with a Royal Sword, old English Tradition

THE HISTORY OF WEDDING CAKES The earliest recipe recorded from Britain for a dish for a wedding was in fact a fruit pie. These were piled on top of one another to create a pyramid centerpiece. Queen Victoria was the first queen to use the wedding cake as a focal point at her wedding reception...

ISOMALT - How to cook, hold, pour and store Isomalt.  

Isomalt is a substitute sugar made from beet sugar and is edible. It is used in the weight loss and diabetic food industries. Isomalt is unique among replacement sugars because it retains almost all of the physical properties...

bake and  decorate gourmet cupcakes
Bake and decorate gourmet cupcakes

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